Life as we know it, just pass by so quickly. Before we know it, our days of youthful adventures and life to wonder elsewhere will flash before our eyes. Our adventures, trips, travels and our life itself became just a distant memory. Then one day, we will look back and here we are walking down the memory lane.

But before this life adventures retires, let me take you to the wonders of the place I\’ve been and the things out there. The world, the earth, and all around the globe. I\’m not all over the world yet and as I humbly admit, I am not a well-renowned, world-class traveler. What I do is not what extreme adventurer do. I like to go to places in my own pace. I\’m not alone as I go, I\’m with my husband and a toddler. Me and my husband called it taking trips, road trips, going vacation and travel. We collect pictures, we build memories together and we build life. But as you know, having a toddler isn\’t easy. Toddler is not meant to sit in one place. So, as we go to places, whether by flying, speed train, buses, driving, ferry trips and all, we consider many things. But as we go, we want to create a fun and memorable travel.

Come, join me. Join us as we explore the world one day at a time. May God be with us.


Koh Lanta is a beautiful island located in the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand, known for its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and laid-back vibe. Here’s a sample itinerary for the ultimate girls’ getaway to Koh Lanta: