Having a flight delayed is often the last thing a person wants to experience while they are travelling. However, if you happen to have your flight delayed while you are in Frankfurt, Germany, then this may actually be a good thing! This is because Frankfurt is teeming with exciting and fun things to do.

Here is a list of things that you can do in Frankfurt when your flight is delayed for 12 hours.

Visit the Romerberg – Frankfurt’s Old Town Center

This section of Frankfurt is one of the most beautiful and quaint parts of the city. The architecture of the buildings is fascinating, and will make for a perfect photo op that you can through on Instagram or Facebook to impress all of your friends. The buildings in the Romerberg are very old. In fact, many of the 11 buildings that make up Frankfurt’s old town center were constructed in the 15th-18th century. This place is great for history buffs!

Check out the Senckenberg Natural History Museum

The Senckenberg Natural History Museum is incredible, and is the second largest natural history museum in Germany. The museum has many wonderful exhibits which focus on the biodiversity of the world. However, it also has great dinosaur exhibits including life-sized dinosaur replicas. This is a great place to go if you have kids, or if you are just interested in seeing some very cool natural history exhibits. If you liked the Jurassic Park movies, then you will probably like the Senckenberg Natural History Museum too! The dinosaur exhibit is the largest dinosaur exhibit in Europe.

Go to the Palm Garden

The Palm Garden, which is located on the Bockenheimer Landstrasse is the largest botanical garden in all of Germany. This beautiful garden houses plants from all different parts of the world. If you go here, you can walk through 54 acres’ worth of natural beauty. If you are someone who is interested in plants and wildlife, then this place is perfect for you. There are also spots where you can go boating, or have a picnic. Further, the Palm Garden in Frankfurt is very close to several other beautiful parks. So, if you feel like you need some recreation after a long flight, while you are waiting for your next one, then this can be a great place to go.

Explore the Goethe House and Museum

The Goethe House is where one of Germany’s greatest ever writers, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born and lived for many years. He lived in this house in Frankfurt from 1749 to 1775. If you go to the Geothe House, you will be able to explore many of the rooms and see what life was like in this house for Johann Goethe. You can even see his writing room where he created many of his early writings. The Goethe House is also right next to the Goethe Museum, where you can learn more about Goethe and his incredible life. This attraction in Frankfurt is ideal for people who love history or literature.

Visit the Cider Taverns in Sachsenhausen

Frankfurt is known for its ciders, which are light alcoholic apple ciders. The cider taverns in Sachsenhausen are the perfect place to sample some of the best locally brewed hard apple ciders. The hard apple ciders that you can find in the Sachsenhausen section of Frankfurt are some of the best quality ciders in the entire world. So, if you are looking for some time to kill while you are waiting for your flight, and if you are a fan of alcoholic beverages, then the cider taverns in Sachsenhasuen could be the ideal place for you to go and have a pint of hard cider and take in the local culture. The cobblestone streets in this region are also very beautiful and historic.

The Shopping Street of Zeil

This is the best place to shop in the entire city of Frankfurt. This street is commonly referred to as the “Fifth Avenue of Germany.” There are many different types of stores to shop at on this street. For example, there are international department chains, high-end boutiques, and there is even a ten-floor shopping center called the Zeil Gallery. If you have been itching to spend some of your hard-earned money during your travels, then this is a great place to do so. Zeil street is also just an exciting place to be. There are many people hustling and bustling around and it is fun to just walk around on the street and take in the sights and sounds. Further, it is a good place to eat if you are hungry!

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