Many nations today have their most symbolic and architecturally buildings which is used as a symbol of its people or the government. The U.S Capitol in Washington, is one of the most impressive building in U.S.A. It’s the symbol of the American people and their government. It’s the most important house in the nation having housed Representative and Senate meetings for two centuries. The Capitol is also the meeting place of the Legislature of the nation.  U.S Capitol is one of the most significant building in the world having been through many construction phases. It was started as early as 1793 and today stands as a monument to its people and their government. It’s located at the East end of the Nation Mall on Capitol Hill. It’s believed to evoke the ideals by which guided the Founding Fathers in developing the republic.  The building was done after a held design competition by Thomas Jefferson. He did this to elicit entries from some of the best known architects in the Country. The price tagged was much high but only one French architect come close to earning from his submissions. Later, William Thornton did the tick and his design was chosen by Washington and Jefferson.  The roads and grounds around the Capitol have been renovated in order to increase the security after the attack which occurred on September 11.Checkpoints have been installed by the Capitol police to inspect vehicles around specific locations at the Capitol Hill and an indefinitely closure of a section of one street has been done. Also, at the main avenues of East-west through-fares barricades are implanted in roads that can be used during an emergency.  The building faces away from the Mall instead of toward it unlike most other buildings and monuments in the area. The East side of the Capitol is believed to have a level ground for proper entrance and that’s why the Capitol and its statue on the top face the East towards the people who are entering it. The Capitol visitors and their items are screened carefully at the entrance of the building. In case of an emergency, Gas masks are available and are located underneath the chairs in each member’s chamber.  The Capitol is seen flying four U.S flags. Two flag poles are at the base of the dome on East and West sides while the others are above the North and South wings of the building. The statue on the top is also known as the statue of freedom. It’s an old gal statue and is worth 15,000 pounds. She is approximately 19 and a half feet tall and for the first time in 1993 she stepped down from her pedestal.  However, the most important collection of the American art are housed in the Capitol. Also, in its own right, it is an architectural achievement acting as a working office as well as a tourist attraction building. It’s visited by millions of people every year. The visitor Center is open from 8.30 in the morning to 4.30 in the evening all working days expect for thanks giving day on Saturday.  The Capitol is a great importance not only to the government but also to its people. It’s worth to have the most dedicated security personals as it is the figure of nations from its outlooks to its composition.

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