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Chicago has a lot to offer the traveler, specifically regarding nightlife. However, if you might be traveling with your family, you will want to find things to do in Chicago that are available during the day and accommodate a child’s attention span. Chicago has a lot to offer for a family vacation, mainly if you know the best places to look. Start your search online, but don’t hesitate to contact a type of traveling agency to ask them for ideas because a
a number of them might provide you with a good deal.

These holidays head to the “Windy City.” Chicago is an integral part of the American persona. It is a city where you can see great architecture, listen to some fantastic Broadway music, and go for eclectic dining options.

When to Go:

You will see Chicago at its best if you visit during the summer or fall. Summer offers a wide selection of exceptional events and outdoor activities, but the downside is that you’ll be dealing with the enormous crowds and hot, humid weather. Autumn days are sunny, and the groups grow thinner. No crowds at museums, cheap deals at hotels, and the incredible snow experience with the locals. In spring and autumn, be prepared for a wide range of temperatures.

What to Do:

Navy Pier is one of Chicago’s most popular attractions due to its fantastic attractions, entertainment and dining options, boat cruises, epic views of Lake Michigan, and the Chicago city skyline from the gigantic Ferris wheel. Step out for a breathtaking view from the Willis Tower’s Skydeck Ledge from 1,350 feet above the ground!

The Buckingham Fountain stands as one of Chicago’s most recognizable monuments, and its hourly water show in the summer is fun for both young and old. Chicago knows how to mix neo-classical architecture with contemporary design, and no place does it better than the Art Institute of Chicago. There’s nothing like a day at Oak Street beach, a fantastic beach right next to the best skyline in the world. Walk down the shoreline on a warm
sunny day.

Chicago has many more exciting and off-beat places worth visiting, like the unique neighborhoods of Loop, Near North Side, and Chinatown. Visit the Millennium Park for its lush green grass, world-class concerts, well-maintained Lurie garden, most giant outdoor arena, or the Bean in its heart.

You can also ice skate there if winter.

Where to Eat:

Dine at the Charlie Trotter’s, one of the best places on the planet. Eat like the locals at Hot Doug\’s for the very best hot dogs in the city. Enjoy exotic Greek cuisine and French Cuisine at the Santorini Restaurant and Kiki\’s Bistro. Sniff the surprises of Chicago’s legendary popcorn before you reach the
storefront door at Garrett Popcorn Shops. You can also spend some great bucks on the Michelin stars like Arun’s and Blackbird. For the connoisseur of ice cream, a visit to Margie’s Candies on Armitage and Milwaukee is necessary. The locale is a nostalgic throw-back to the fifties with newspaper clippings and
amazing plentiful ice cream in this shop. Visit Ditka\’s Steakhouse for mouth-watering signature steaks and seafood.

Getting Around:

Chicago is a sprawling city. Fortunately for tourists like us, it has a massive mass transit system with buses, trains, and subways, along with plentiful cabs/taxis
and limousine services. If you\’re arriving at either O\’Hare or Midway Airport\’s, you\’ll find a staging area for people waiting for taxis. Instead, you could
book a car online in advance so that your cheap rental car in Chicago could pick you up from the airport, and you could travel around the city at your own pace
and leisure.

One place you must go and visit is the Field Museum. There are many long-term exhibits and traveling or temporary exhibitions at the Field Museum that
are sure to excite you. Whether or not you want to learn about African environments or animal biology, the Field Museum delivers the information in a fun,
engaging way.

At the Field Museum in Chicago, visitors can see the many bird habitats of peacocks, quetzals, penguins, and much more. These exotic birds are a beauty to
behold, and the famous exhibit of the Bushman (a giant gorilla) will have little ones pleading to come back for more.
Chicago visitors need to do their best to obtain Shedd aquarium tickets. For fanatics of the rivers and reefs, you will find colorful and crazy specimens to be
located at the Shedd.


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