Visit these amazing falls: The Bridal Veil Falls in Washington

It can get really old staying in one place for a long period of time. To allay this problem, a lot of people travel.

One of the best things to go to when the boredom hit is out of the woods, where waterfalls fall. When the woods has a magnificent waterfall, a lot of things could happen.

One: an opportunity to go hiking, two: get back to nature, three: inhale the breath of fresh air, and four: watch the waterfalls falling from the top. Oh well, who are you kidding? You can get it anywhere if you want to even if there are no waterfalls, wouldn’t you?

You bet. But for some reason, waterfalls have a great impact on your outlook on life. Waterfalls refresh your spirit and jog your senses like no other wonder of nature can do. One such place to see a magnificent waterfall is in Washington, the place? Bridal Veil Falls.    This is a majestic waterfall that is a breathtaking sight to behold. Water cascades down numerous granite slabs, with a total of 1,328 feet, with each fall dropping on the rocks below. Adults and children alike are going to enjoy the spectacular sight and how the water from the falls sprays onto you.   

When going there, take the scenic route to enjoy more of the journey. The drive will begin at the historic Pandora Mill. This was a mining place that started in the 1870s until 1978 when the mill shut down. You will notice here that the paved road will turn into a dirt road. There’s a parking area here before the hike up the mountain starts. You could choose to park here and climb the whole way if you don’t want to go through a narrow, dirt path in your car. On your way up, you will see some striking scenery that only gets better as you ascend the mountain. These are the fall colors on the leaves of the tree. This dirt road passes virtually straight beneath Bridal Veils.

Before going there though and planning your trip, you have to think about what do you need when you arrive?

1. Hiking Boots     Bridal Veil has a hiking trail so you might want to bring your hiking boots with you to traverse that trail. It is part of the trip if you want to reach Bridal Veil Falls.

2. Raincoat     IF you are going to stand next to this place, you are going to get wet. The water from the falls sprays strongly at you so you better bring a raincoat to protect yourself from getting soaked.

3. Forest Pass     The parking lot requires a Northwest Forest Pass so don’t forget to bring or purchase one.

4. Map

There is a hiking trail in Bridal Veil Falls and if you want to do some hiking, don’t forget to bring a map with you so you won’t get lost.    The proper attire when going to this place is casual summer attire and flip-flops, sneakers, or hiking boots. You need to be comfortable when you arrive at the Falls.

Once at the falls, expect a stunning vista of wonderful cascading water and numerous different levels of rocks. Expect a wonderful dirt path for a hiking trail. You can expect an abandoned road that is full of moss-covered maple and old-growth conifers. Most of all, expect to collect a ton of amazing memories.

Bridal Veil Falls in Washington is everything you have ever imagined and more. Plan your next trip to Falls and you won’t regret it.

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